Why did the roman baths come to signal a decline in values and morals?


Why did the roman baths come to signal a decline in values and morals?

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  1. Jasmine127

    Roman baths come to signal a decline in values and morals because They came to symbolize Material excess.

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    The supply lines were made of Lead which used to supply water in Roman houses. There was tax imposed by Roman empire on these pipes and that tax was based on the size of the pipe. So because of that, Many Roman houses had just basic supply as they could not afford to pay these taxes. So people used to go to local bath complexes in order to keep personal hygiene. But these local bath complexes were also used as gathering point for people to relax, clean and keep up with latest news stories around. While the trend of Roman baths was increasing among the people, There were many people who criticized it. The water of roman bath was not cleaned or purified on regular intervals and because of that remains of oil, Dirt and even excrement was kept warm and this all caused bacteria. During that period of time, There was constant decline noticed in roman birth population and that was because of the Romans spending too much of their time in Roman Baths. The Roman baths were as hot as 170 degrees and that can cause infertility among men and miscarriages in women. Use of roman baths in Excess was the reason of roman baths coming to decline.


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  2. Harper

    They came to symbolize material excess

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