Which test taking strategy is best for multiple choice exams? KWL PORPE Qu


Which test taking strategy is best for multiple choice exams?





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    The test taking strategy which is best for multiple choice exams is

    [tex]boxed{textbf{PORPE (Plan, Organize, Rehearse, Practice, evaluate)}}[/tex]

    Further Explanation:

    There are five steps in this learning strategy. Those steps are: Plan, Organize, Rehearse, Practice and Evaluate.

    Plan: After going through the chapter, predict the possible essay question that can be made from the information included in the text. In the order of these questions, the learners should avoid questions that start with “who” “what,” or “when” and does not involve analysis. Some of the main question words include “discuss,” “explain”, “criticize,” “contrast”, “evaluate”, and “compare.”

    Organize: Several days before the starting of the exam, the information organization is required to answer the predicted questions. The organization can be made by outlining or by different methods like mapping. Main theories and supporting details to explain the questions are highly advised to be summarized.

    Rehearse: Read aloud the information and analyze the learner’s memory. Reciting aloud is crucial since the more senses that are associated in making the memory, the greater the understanding the students will get. This step encourages students to put the key ideas, examples, and overall organization in students’ long-term memory.

    Practice: In practicing, the learners’ answer the learners’ predicted essay questions from memory. The students can plan an framework of the essay or compose a complete answer.

    Evaluate: Assess the students’ work by asking them the following question: Do I have enough clear examples? Is my answer complete, truthful, and suitable? Is there anything I should study before taking the exam?

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    Grade: Senior School

    Subject: English

    Chapter: Test Taking Strategies

    Keywords: PORPE, test taking strategy, multiple choice exam, strategy., plan, organize, rehearse, practice, evaluate, questions, discuss, explain.

  1. Ximena

    PORPE test taking strategy is best for multiple choice examsn

    Further Explanation:n

    Porpe stands for:

    1.tStep One: PLAN. Peruse, underline, and explain the appointed material. …

    2.tStep Two: ORGANIZE. Compose data to produce questions and replies. …

    3.tStep Three: REHEARSE. Start by testing over key thoughts.

    4.tStep Four: PRACTICE. Produce a rundown of potential inquiries. …

    5.tStep Five: EVALUATE.n


    Assess the nature of your answer; are you prepared for the test or is there a requirement for further survey. Look at association once more-did you forget about key thoughts or subtleties? Fix and experience PORPE steps-PLAN, ORGANIZE, REHEARSE, PRACTICE, AND EVALUATE.n

    Porpe method:n

    PORPE is a way to deal with considering course reading materials wherein you make and answer exposition questions. Page 1. Perusing METHOD “PROPE” PROPE is an approach to considering reading material materials in which you make and answer exposition questions.n

    Test Taking Strategies:n

    u2022tBe arranged. …

    u2022tAlways arrive before the actual arranged time and pause for a minute to unwind.

    u2022tListen mindfully to a minute ago guidelines given by the educator. …

    u2022tDo a memory dump. …

    u2022tRead the test headings in all respects cautiously and watch for subtleties. …

    u2022tPlan how you will utilize the dispensed time. …

    u2022tLook for signs. …

    u2022tAnswer every one of the inquiries.n

    Subject: Englishn

    level: High Schooln

    Keywords: Porpe stands for, Porpe, Porpe method, Test Taking Strategies.

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