Which tactic did Palestinians use against Israel in 1987


Which tactic did Palestinians use against Israel in 1987

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  1. Caroline

    The tactic that the Palestiniansused against Israel in 1987 was they used an intifada.

  2. Evelyn


    In 1987, Palestinians used the tactic of Intifada against Israel.


    The Intifada emerged as a popular demand for the killing of four Palestinian workers from the Jabalia refugee camp, who were rammed by an Israeli military truck on December 9, 1987. Two days later, the first clashes between young Palestinians and the Israeli army occurred, where the first confronted with rudimentary weapons, Molotov cocktails and stones to Israeli professional soldiers. In the following days, numerous demonstrations took place in most of the Palestinian cities, spreading throughout the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.n

    The popular revolt began without a defined political command and, initially, the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) remained outside the actions, but shortly after the popular uprising came the Unified National Command that would be the one in charge of guaranteeing the survival of the Intifada.

    The total number of victims from the beginning of the Intifada to the Peace Conference in Madrid in 1991 amounted to 1374 Palestinians, while a total of 93 Israelis lost their lives in that same period.

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