Which of the following symptoms is considered a physical effect of stress? a. chest pain b. mood swings c. irritability


Which of the following symptoms is considered a physical effect of stress?
a. chest pain
b. mood swings
c. irritability
d. restlessness

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  1. Mackenzie

    From the following choices, a physical pain that can be considered as an effect of stress is the chest pain. Although other choices can also be effects of stress, they are not physical in nature. Other effects of stress include headaches, elevated blood pressure, trouble sleeping, etc. These pain may be the causes to some other more serious illnesses.

  2. Ariana

    Chest pain is considered to be the physical effect of stress.n


    Further Explanation:n

    Stress is known to be a feeling or physical tension. This may come from any event or even a thought that may make one feel angry, nervous, and frustrated. Stress is the body’s reaction to the demand or challenge. In short, it can be positive like when it aids an individual to avoid danger or meet a deadline.n


    Stress can be of two kinds, acute stress, and chronic stress. Acute stress refers to the short term stress which might go away rapidly. One may feel it when they have a fight with their partner. It may also take place when one does something new. Chronic stress, on the other hand, refers to the stress which lasts for a long period of time. Money problems are counted as chronic stress, an unhappy marriage is also an example of chronic stress.n


    Chest pain is known to be the most common sign of anxiety as well as a panic attack. Anxiety chest pain is known to be described as a stabbing and sharp sensation which begins quickly, even in case the individual is inactive. But, one may feel stressed or anxious prior to the occurrence of chest pain. Mood swings, irritability, and restlessness are no physical signs of stress, rather mental symptoms.n


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    Chest pain, stress, physical sign, mental sign, irritability, mood swings, blood pressure, restlessness, chronic stress, acute stress.n

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