Which of the following does NOT influence one’s body composition? A. metabolism B. financial problems C. childhood obesity D. medical probl


Which of the following does NOT influence one’s body composition? A. metabolism B. financial problems C. childhood obesity D. medical problems

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  1. Isabella

    Financial problem do not influence one’s body composition.n


    Further Explanation:n

    Body composition is an components by which the body is made up of. Body composition consists of bones, organs, fat, tissues, muscles, etc.n

    The chemical reactions in the body that are used to maintain the living state of the organism is known as metabolism. Metabolism is related to nutrients and obtains energy by the breakdown of food molecules. Metabolism helps in providing energy to the body so it helps in influencing the body’s composition.n

    Childhood obesity is the condition of increased weight in children. This condition affects the children who are above the normal weight for their age. Childhood obesity results in the bad situation of the body as the child become obese which can also lead to depression and poor self-esteem. This statement shows that childhood obesity influences the body’s composition.n

    Medical problem is problem-related to health conditions. Health depends on the composition of the body.n

    Financial problem means the problem related to money which does not have any relation with the body. Hence financial problem does not influence one’s body composition.n

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  2. Delilah

    The metabolism, childhood obesity and medical problems of a person affects the body composition of a person, but financial problems will not affect the same. The medical problems affects the health of a person, which may cause weakness in him and thereby affecting his body composition. Childhood obesity and metabolism also alters the composition of one’s body by affecting his diet and digestion.

    The financial problems have no such effect on the physical state of a person. Hence, the answer is ‘Option B – financial problems’.

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