which of the following did emma hart willard accomplish in 1826


which of the following did emma hart willard accomplish in 1826

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  1. Kennedy

    The correct answer is D) she founded the first all-girls high school in the US.

    What Emma Hart Willard accomplished in 1826 was “she founded the first all-girls high school in the US.”

    Emma Hart Willard (1787-1870) was an American woman that supported the right of women to receive an education. She was devoted to education that considered that women were caple of learning and receiving a formal education. That is why she founded the Troy Female Seminary, in Troy New York, which later was renamed to Emma Willard School in 1895. She also was a good writer and made a living writing school books of history and geography.

    The other options of the question were A) She persuaded Oberlin College to admit women. B) She persuaded the courts to legalize contraception. C) She organized the Seneca Falls Convention.

  2. Kennedy

    Emma Hart Willard founded the first school for women’s secondary and higher education in the United States — the Troy Female Seminary in Troy, New York.

    Emma Hart Willard (1787-1870) was born to a farming family in Connecticut. But her father, a farmer, encouraged his daughter to learn to read and write. She went on to want to encourage education for other women. The Troy Female Seminary, which she founded, actually was started in 1821 (not 1826) – I wonder if there’s a typo in your question? According to the National Park Service, Troy Female Seminary is recognized as the country’s first secondary school for females. Emma Willard’s goal was to provide young women with the same educational opportunites as men.

    In 1895, The Troy Female Seminary was renamed The Emma Willard School in honor of the founder. It operates today as a university-prep school / boarding school for young women in grades 9-12, with an enrollment in the 300s.

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