which is not a judicial power of the president? A) granting amnesty to groups B) granting pardons for criminals C) issuin


which is not a judicial power of the president?
A) granting amnesty to groups
B) granting pardons for criminals
C) issuing a signing statement
D) issuing a reprieve for a sentence

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  1. Liliana

    The correct answer is C.

    The President can grant a pardon of reprieve. This is evident, as Nixon was granted a pardon by President Gerald Ford after he resigned from the presidency.

    Amnesty is another power that the executive branch has. This has been used by the President before, as President Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to draft dodgers for the Vietnam War.

    This shows that only C. can be the correct answer.

  2. Josie97


    Issuing a signing statement can’t be considered as the judicial power of the president.n

    Further Explanation:-n


    Prior to taking over the charge, The newly President-Elect as well his transition team should make appointments of more than 6000 federal posts of United States and these appointments include range of top officials designations of governmental agencies of United States to the staff of White house as well as many members of the United States diplomatic corps. President of the United States appoints all the positions of highest levels in the executive branch but the consent of Senate is a must for all of these appointments. The President of the United States further also has the power to appoint and fill federal vacancies which includes appointments of federal judges which can be members of United States courts of appeals as well as judges of United States Supreme Court. Senate Confirmation is a must in regards to these appointments as this can provide as one of the major blocks for the President who wishes to shape the federal judiciary into the particular ideological stance. The President of the United States is head of Executive Branch and because of that, he has full authority and power to appoint top officials of almost all the federal agencies.n


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