Which colony legalized slavery in 1661? A) South Carolina B) New Jersey C) Massachusetts D) Virginia


Which colony legalized slavery in 1661?

A) South Carolina
B) New Jersey
C) Massachusetts
D) Virginia

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  1. Ayla97

    The answer is D.
    Hope it helps

  2. Josie

    The answer is D.Virginiawas the colony that legalized slavery in 1661.n


    In 1619, slavery had happened in Virginia. Slavery started with white indentured servants. They were working in the company and did labor there. The Africans started to come to Virginia in August 1619 by a privateer ship. The ship was also known as “White Lion” and was owned by Robert Rich. At first, there were only 20 Africans that were sent to Virginia. They were seized by the British crew and were transferred to Virginia to become slaves.n

    Virginia was the first colony that had a law about slavery. Virginia allowed every free person in the country to own slaves. The laws of slavery were continuously being applied until the 17th century. There was one law that affected society at that time.

    The law stated that the children would take their mother’s social status, not caring who their fathers were. This law resulted in generation over the generation of enslaved persons, and also mix-raced child because of mixed-marriage.n

    After 1661, actually, a lot of slaves were being freed. The freedom of slaves was obtained by purchasing the freedom of themselves, or being freed by their masters, or even escaping from enslavement. There were masters who were kind to let go of slaves because they began to have family-ties with the slaves. Anthony Johnson was the first slave to be freed because he bought his own freedom. He then also freed his own family by purchasing their freedom.n




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