What stage does cytokinesis generally overlap with in the typical cell cycle?


What stage does cytokinesis generally overlap with in the typical cell cycle?

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  1. Amara

    Cytokinesis generally overlap with the typical cell cycle in the telophase stage. Telophase is the last stage of mitosis; where the sister chromatids reach opposite poles. Telophase and cytokinesis occur simultaneously, during cytokinesis the cell splits in two once the DNA has been replicated and pulled to opposite ends of the cell.

  2. Clara

    I believe the correct answer is telophase.


    Cytokinesis is part of and overlaps with the telophase stage of mitosis. It occurs in some cells and in some it does not occur. It leads to the formation of the 2 identical daughter cells.

    Further Explanation:

    The cell cycle is divided into 2 phases; the interphase and mitotis phase. The interphase has 4 stages called the G1, S, G2 and G0 stage. The mitosis phase is the last phase of the cell cycle and is further divided into:


    Here the cell prepares for cell division and accumulates proteins and doubles its number of organelles. It also stores large amounts of energy in preparation for the exhausting mitosis phase. The nucleus membrane dissociates and organelles are spread out in the cell.


    The prophase stage continues and there is condensation of chromosomes. The nucleus also continues to disintegrate and special microtubules will bind to the center regions of the chromosomes.


    Microtubules pull the chromosomes at the center and orient them at the equator of the cell to form the metaphase plate of the cell.


    Chromosomes are liberated and pulled towards the centrosome while pointing to the opposite poles by the shortening microtubules. The cell is pulled by fibers into an oval shape contrary to its circular shape.


    This is the last stage of cellular division for some cells. The chromosomes are housed in different regions of the forming daughter cells and they unravel in enclosures called the nucleus envelope.


    This is the last phase of mitosis. A ring forms in the cell at the equator and beigns to tighten pinching the cell and forming a furrow. It continues to tighten the cell at the center until it pinches the cell into 2 daughter cells that are identical. When the constricting actin filaments make contact at the center, the cells separate and begin life as different cells. This phase overlaps with the telophase stage and can go hand in hand or not take place at all. It it does not take place, a cell with multiple nuclei is formed.

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