What happens to water in the atmosphere as it rises? a. It evaporates. b. It condenses and forms clouds. c. It combines wi


What happens to water in the atmosphere as it rises?
a. It evaporates.
b. It condenses and forms clouds.
c. It combines with other gases in the air.
d. It is used up.

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  1. Arianna


    b. It condenses and forms clouds.


    Condensation is the change in matter of a substance to a denser phase, such as gas (or vapor) to liquid. Condensation usually occurs when a vapor cools, but it can also occur if it is compressed (that is, if the pressure is increased) or subjected to a combination of refrigeration and compression. Steam that has been condensed from a liquid is called condensate. The device or unit where the vapors condense in the liquid is called a condenser. The condensers are used in heat exchangers that have different designs and sizes.n

    Water vapor from the air that condenses naturally on cold surfaces is called dew.n

    nWater vapor will only condense on another surface when it is cooler than the temperature of the water vapor, or when the equilibrium of water vapor in the air, that is, saturation humidity, has been exceeded.n

    nWhen water vapor condenses on a surface, net overheating occurs on that surface.n

    nThe water molecule brings a heat pack with it. The temperature of the atmosphere also rises very slightly. As a consequence of its condensation, the molecule tends to be relatively low in kinetic energy. Since the atmosphere has lost a slow moving particle, the average speed of the molecules in the atmosphere increases, and therefore its temperature also rises.

    In the atmosphere, the condensation of water vapor is what produces clouds. The dew point of the air is the temperature at which it must cool before condensation begins to form.n

    nAlso, a net condensation of water vapor occurs when the surface temperature is equal to or below the dew point temperature of the atmosphere.

  2. Kennedy

    The correct answer is that water, as it rises in the atmosphere, condenses and forms clouds – the correct answer is b.

    Other options are false, for example:
    a. It evaporates.
    -this is the beginning of the process: water needs to evaporate to be in the atmosphere – so it’s before the process that the question addresses

    Also it is not used up: otherwise Earth would run out of water.

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