What colony was founded as an expansion of Puritan beliefs A. Virginia B. Pennsylvania C. Rhode Island D. Connecti


What colony was founded as an expansion of Puritan beliefs
A. Virginia
B. Pennsylvania
C. Rhode Island
D. Connecticut

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  1. Lilybelle

    The colony that was founded as an expansion of puritan beliefs was Virginia colony

    Many puritan men and women migrated from England in the 1620s and 1630s and settled in Virginia. Puritans were not comfortable with the fact that some certain catholic practices or doctrines were retained in Church of England. They protested and called for religious reform. The puritans demand was conceded to and the crown implemented their demand by carrying out a religious reform. These reforms made English puritans to see Virginia as both the land of opportunity and where they could build godly communities with people of the same faith and also have the liberty to worship in churches without the need to subject themselves to practices that are alien to their religious belief.

    Puritan men and woman formed their own churches and settled mainly in the south of James River. These man and woman also elected and send representatives to the House of Burgesses. They made a frantic effort to establish and protect a religious community.n

    However, the rest of the colony did not like them, they are hardened towards them. The relationship between the puritans and the rest of the colony became worse after Sir William Barkley took over as governor in 1642.

    Barkley pushed for religious uniformity in the colony and compelled everyone in the colony to adhere to the Anglican Church. This didn’t go down well with the puritans and between 1643 and 1649; there were series of legal challenges, controversies and power tussles between puritans and the Anglicans.n



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  2. Piper

    Expansion of Puritan beliefs founded the Connecticut colony. (D)n


    Further Explanations:n

    Establishment of Connecticut was the resulting of the Puritan’s belief. Connecticut colony or the Colony of Connecticut was a river settlement in England which in the future turn into the State of Connecticut on 3rd March 1636 as a habitation of Puritan congregation. All these colonies were advocates of the Puritan’s beliefs.n

    The admirer of the Puritans assumed that God had a promise with them and also believed that God’s presence in the form of idols and the Anglican Church. Their beliefs persisted in England and changed their sinful life of the citizens.

    The colony had a bloodstained history because of the Pequot war that happened between the colonists and the Pequot Indians. The colony led a deep influence on the other colonies as it refused to surrender to the local authorities of Britain and established a self-governing government. “Saybrook colony” and the “New Haven Colony” also united with the Connecticut colony during the 1960s.n

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