The more alcohol-concentrated a beverage is, the __________.


The more alcohol-concentrated a beverage is, the __________.

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    The faster it will be absorbed.

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    The more alcohol-concentrated a beverage is, faster it will be absorbed.n


    The alcohol in the body of the consumer is more actively absorbed when the concentration of the drink lies in between 10-30%. If the concentration of alcohol in the beverage is below 10% then the absorption rate in the body will also slow down.

    Further explanation:

    The alcohol in the digestive system is absorbed by the stomach and then by the small intestine by the process of diffusion. The major part or concentration of alcohol is absorbed by the small intestine as it provides a large surface area for absorption. Also, the rate of absorption is also affected by the state of stomach i.e. if the stomach is empty then the rate of absorption of alcohol will be faster but if the stomach is full of food specially which consists of fat then the rate of absorption of alcohol will be slow.

    The maximum absorption rate is achieved when the alcoholic beverage contains a concentration of alcohol that is 20-25% by volume in an empty stomach. But the rate of absorption will slow down if the concentration of alcohol is 40% by volume and alcohol is consumed along with food. The liver is a metabolic site for alcohol. The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase metabolize the alcohol (ethanol) into acetaldehyde, which is eliminated by the kidney through blood filtration process.

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