Rene is going to the lake to visit some friends. if the lake is 60 miles away and Renee is driving at 40 miles per hour the entire time. how


Rene is going to the lake to visit some friends. if the lake is 60 miles away and Renee is driving at 40 miles per hour the entire time. how long will it take her to get to the lake

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  1. Amaya

    Is known :n

    The distance of the lake is = 60 milesn

    Renee’s speed is 40 mphn

    Asked: Time needed to reach the lake?n


    Travel time = distance: Speedn

    Travel time = 60 miles: 40 mphn

    Travel time = 1.5 hoursn

    So Renee takes 1.5 hours to get to the Lake.n

    Further explorationn

    Measuring the distance, travel time, and average speed of our motorized vehicles can be done with the physics formula kinematics, which is the formula to measure irregular straight motion. Here is the review.n

    Kinematics is a branch of physics that studies motion by ignoring the causes of motion. Regarding the causes of motion will be discussed in Dynamics.n

    The motion discussed in this section is the motion experienced by an object on a straight-line path (call it a highway)n

    Irregular straight motion means that this movement has a fixed speed indicator for objects, Fixed means that it does not change (from the beginning to the end of the object’s speed does not change) and in this case, we modify it as the average speed of the vehicle.n

    Regular Straight Motion is a straight motion that has a constant speed. Then the acceleration value is a = 0. Irregular linear motion is linear and the velocity value is the result of the distance with the time taken.n

    Speed has broad meaning, which shows a change from one moment to another. And in everyday life, speed is closely related to the distance and time needed to travel, such as the way of cars, trains, rockets, bullets, and others. The international unit of speed is m / sn

    Distance is a number that shows how far an object changes position. The International Unit of Distance is metered (m).n

    Time is the interval between two states/events, or it can be the length of time an event lasts. The unit of time of the second or second (s).n

    Speed and Time Speed Formulasn

    Speed Formulan

    The way to calculate speed is the distance traveled divided by travel time.n

    v = s / tn

    Distance formulan

    The way to calculate distance is the speed multiplied by the travel time.n

    s = v x tn

    Time formulan

    The way to calculate travel time is the distance traveled divided by speed.n

    t = s / vn

    Formula Description:n

    s = Distance traveled (m, km)n

    t = Travel time (hours, seconds)n

    v = Speed (mph)n


    Learn moren

    The formula for speed, distance, and time,



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    Subject: Mathematicsn

    Keyword: Formula to calculate distance, time, and speed.

  2. Emery

    It 90 mins which means 1 hour and 30 min

    Remember 40 miles is per hour
    1 hour is 60 min
    So we need to know how many min per mile
    60/40 is 1.5 min per miles

    After that, so back to beginning, 60 miles is what mins?
    1.5 times 60 is 90 mins
    90 min for 60 miles!
    Then transfer min into hours which is 1 hour and 30 mins!!!!

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