Identify several factors in the environment that can affect physical fitness levels.


Identify several factors in the environment that can affect physical fitness levels.

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  1. Reese


    Factors that affect the physical fitness level within the environment are:

    1. Living Conditions: the utmost important factor, upon which are fitness relies. It s important to know that in order to achieve fitness one must create an environment of fitness.
    2. Access to Fitness facilities: To achieve something efficiently and effectively, one must be made aware and facilitated accordingly.
    3. Affordability: Everything comes for a price, and so as fitness. For the purpose of remaining fir,it is mandatory to maintain to maintain a balanced diet and shift to organic foods which nowadays are really expensive.
  2. Luna

    Environment factors that affect physical fitness include

    1. Living area

    People who live in less urban area tend to have more physical activities compared to those living in an urban area.

    2. Access to fitness facilities

    Easy access to fitness facilities will encourage an adult to do exercise. Especially when time is tights, someone can just squeeze to do exercise in between their busy time.

    3. Income level

    People who have higher income tend to be more active at the weekend. They do sedentary activities during weekdays but most of them are very active during days off. Lower-income people do more light physical activities during weekdays because of the type of their work.

    4. Social groups

    Social connected with others can give a positive benefit for your health, physically and mentally. People who have positive social groups tend to have more material and emotional support. Research shows that having a social group may improve your health.

    5. Family

    The family has an important role in building a child’s physical activity. Parents should encourage their children to be active and create a supportive environment.

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