Help!! What is the measure of QS?



What is the measure of QS?
what is the measure of qs

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  1. Genesis

    Let the center of the given circle is O .

    And central angle is double of the angle subtended by the arc.

    So central angle is twice of 84 degree.

    And twice of 84 is 168 degree.

    So the central angle is of measurement 168 degree.

    And central angle is the measurement of the arc , therefore measurement of arc QS is 168 degree.

  2. Rose

    The measure of arcQS is 168 degrees

    Circle geometry

    To get the measure of QS, we will use the theorem which states that “the angle at the center of the circle is twice the angle at the circumference:

    Using the formula below:

    • arcQS = 2m<R

    Given that m<R = 84 degrees

    arcQS = 2(84)

    arcQS = 168degrees

    Hence the measure of arcQS is 168 degrees

    Learn more on circle geometry here:

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