Find the greatest common factor of 15x 2 y 3 and -18x 3 yz.


Find the greatest common factor of 15x 2 y 3 and -18x 3 yz.

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  1. Charlie


    Greatest common factor of [tex]15x^2y^3[/tex] and [tex]-18x^3yz[/tex] is [tex]3x^2y[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Greatest common factor is the common factor for two or more numbers such that greatest common factor divides both the number.

    We find Greatest common factor by

    • doing prime factorization and then
    • taking common factors from all the factors and
    • if they do not have nay term common then Greatest common factor is 1.

    Given Numbers are [tex]15x^2y^3[/tex] and [tex]-18x^3yz[/tex]

    First we do prime factorization of [tex]15x^2y^3[/tex].

    15 can be written as product of prime 3 and 5, so

    [tex]15x^2y^3=3 times 5 times xtimes x times y times y times y[/tex]

    and Similarly, [tex]-18x^3yz[/tex] can be written as,

    [tex]-18x^3yz=-3 times 3times 2 times xtimes x times xtimes ytimes z[/tex]

    Thus, taking common from both the terms,we get,

    Greatest common factor as [tex]3x^2y[/tex]

  2. Caroline

    Multiply the GCF of the numerical part 3 and the GCF of the variable part x^2y to get

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