contrast the flow materials in xylem and phloem


contrast the flow materials in xylem and phloem

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  1. Faith97

    To easy remember it,
    Phloem, has the (f) sound, so it carries food and nutrition like sugars all around the plant, up and down movwment.
    while Xylem carries water and minerals, from down the soil up to the plant, only up movement.

  2. Caroline

    Another method to remember it is to imagine that The Phloem is like the King in checkers it can move forwards or backwards unlike normal pieces which are restricted to moving only forwards. To cap:

    Phloem can move Upwards and Downwards

    Xylem can only move upwards.

    if I confused anyone keep in mind that most plants stand up and a checker board is flat, meaning that they are on different planes thus require different wording. Hopefully this is also helpful for remembering the distinction between the two.

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