Addictions may _______________ friends and family. Alienate Please Help Bring together


Addictions may _______________ friends and family.
Bring together

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  1. Luna

    The correct answer for above statement is:



    Addictions refers to being addicted to someone wrong activity or things.Addictions often lead to destruction of ones personality.One is completely alone at the end he will be losing his friends and family due to his bad habits he don’t like the company of his friends and family more and he is all alone at the end.

  2. Kaka


    Addictions may alienate friends and familyn


    “Alienate” is a verb and it means to isolate or estrange. The alienate word refers to separating and making someone feel isolated. Addiction leads to the alienation of family and friends in the life as addicts tend to devote their time and interest to particular addiction which separates or isolates the friends and family. Addiction is a psychological condition that occurs due to attachment to something or some activity that affects life negatively.

    Further explanation:

    Addiction is the state of being attached mentally or addicted to something or some activity such as drugs, social media, alcohol or some kind of passion. Addictions affect our life and influence family and friends by restricting the time we spend with them because of it.n

    Psychological effects comes from the addiction of drugs and alcohol are paranoia, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and violence in some cases that leads to less pleasure or interest in life of an addict.n

    Time that one should spend with their family and friends becomes less and individual become less social so bonding or relation with the family and friends become weak. So, addiction will cause some changes in life no matter if good or bad.n

    Therefore, the verb “alienate” would be the correct term to use in space.

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