A combination of the skill-related fitness components can determine one’s performance in a specific sport


A combination of the skill-related fitness components can determine one’s performance in a specific sport

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  1. Amara129

    The combination of skill-related fitness components can determine individual performance in a particular sport. This statement is true.n


    Further Explanation:n

    The physical activity pyramid mainly helps in managing the daily routine of an individual. The pyramid of physical activity mainly distinguishes the different types of exercises into different levels. The body needs different qualities to promote and maintain a healthy body. The physical fitness is divided into five-health and six skill-related components. The skill-related components are of six types:n

    u2022 Speedn

    u2022 Reaction timen

    u2022 Balancen

    u2022 Powern

    u2022 Agilityn

    u2022 Hand/eye coordinationn


    It mainly helps in achieving an individual a healthy lifestyle. Different combination of skill-related fitness is part of sports. It depends on what an athletic requires for their session. The awareness about the exact requirement helps them to achieve their goal. All the skill-related components are very crucial in a sport activity. All these components help an individual maintain body posture, respond quickly, stabilized their body and control the body direction.n


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    Agility, reaction time, hand, speed, coordination, healthy lifestyle, goal, skill-related fitness, combination, quickly.n

  2. Lyla

    Yes, all sports have ancombination of the different skill-related fitness components. It is wherentraining programs are usually based to meet the exact needs of players duringntheir season. Identifying the exact demands of a sport would help athletes inntheir training to increase their skill level. Developing agility, balance,nspeed, coordination, and reaction time are crucial to any sporting activity.nAll athletes or individuals who are engaged in a particular sport must aim tondevelop the 5 skill related fitness components.

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